Sunday, September 6, 2009


If you haven't been to Rosso yet, it should definitely be on your short list of restaurants. I liked the food at Rosso because I didn't lay awake all night long with a stomach ache as I have after having over-indulged while dining at Friendly's. The sauces are lighter and generally do a better job of featuring the flavors of the main ingredients.

Although there have been reports that Rosso is somehow affilliated with the group that owns Mr. Friendly's, Solstice, and Cellar on Greene, I have been assured that there is no connection.

The decor of the restaurant is inviting, while not the usual Trattoria atmosphere that one might expect, it was eclectic, opulent and maybe even a little posh. We started off with prosciutto wrapped asparagus. Each bundle of asparagus was wrapped in hunks of cured ham. It was a bit bulky, hard to eat, and typical. The taste was fine but that's about the extent of it. Next, I had a sea bass special with creamy polenta. This was tasty. The fish was fresh, cooked perfectly and seasoned in a way not to overpower the delicate fish but to compliment it.

Our waitress lacked knowledge to say the least. She talked too much and said too little. She knew little about the largely Italian wine list and admitted to it. But the food was good and I'll give the service the benefit of the doubt until it happens twice.

Oh yeah, and price is right. Very fair in terms of wine and food.

All and all (Best *****) (Price $$$$$)
Food ***
Drink List ***


Anonymous said...

You are ill-informed, and your comments leave something to be desired.

The Columbia Foodie said...

I don't know how you could be ill informed about your experience at a restaurant, but I do thank you for your comments.

Anonymous said...

Rosso has the same owner as Gervais & Vine. I believe Gervais & Vine and Mr. Friendly's used to be ownd by the same people but there is no longer any affiliation.

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate your perspective on the restaurants in Columbia. Keep on doing what you're doing.