Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pawley's Front Porch - If you're hungover it's a dream come true

Pawley's Front Porch is actually quite tasty all of the time but the reason I feel the need to add the hungover line is the largely fried menu. With fried pickles, onion rings, sweet potato fries, french fries, and fried green tomatoes, there are a wealth of deep fried choices on this abundent menu. Pawley's is known for their burgers, but I instead went for the pimento cheese and fried green tomato sandwich with french fries. This was only after the fried pickles which serves as our appetizers. Feeling up to my eyes in peanut oil, I thought why not top this heart attack on a plate meal off with a margarita?

The food was delicious however. While I over ordered with the best of them and probably should have attempted a marathon to compensate for the calorie intake, I did enjoy myself. The porch is large and airy though the view of Harden Street and Rite Aid across the street leaves little to be desired, we had a great time and will likely return.

The service and pleasant and the staff helpful though two margaritas deep, I 'm not sure how much I care.

All and all (Best *****) (Price $$$$$)
Food ***
Drink List ****


meemee said...

the hamburgers were good with the medium a little dry. the choices inventive and made the burgers. front house staff not very organized, seating people out of order. wait staff very good but my order got lost in kitchen so took a long time to get food & received nothing for that. will try again but not superimpressed as hoping

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